THIS WAY UP (2015)   |    DIRECTOR:  Marc Hardman     |    SCREENPLAY:  MARC HARDMAN    |    DOP: AARON TRINDER    |     SOUND DESIGN:  EMMET O'DONNELL    |    MUSIC:  R. D.  EVERETT     |     EDIT:  Marc Hardman
You know how the old story goes, 'Boy meets girl. Girl loses Boy. Girl makes a better boyfriend out of cardboard boxes'. This wonky little short film, starring Sophia Del Pizzo (Into The Dark, Electric Dreams) and Luca Zizzari (Rush, Peaky Blinders), premiered at the Portsmouth Film Festival where it picked up nine nominations and won Best Lead Actress in a Short Film for Sophia. Aaron Trinder shot the film on the Panasonic GH5 with a number of vintage lenses to help us achieve an 'early-nineties-low-budget-black-and-white-indie' feel to the film. The film also features the weird and wonderful sounds of R. D. Everett. My other collaborations with Everett ('Cold Death Morning' and 'Day Like These') can also be found here on this site.
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